TOP 10 : Tips For Looking Better Naked

By Farah Averill

It's normal to have feelings of self-consciousness when getting naked for the first time with a new woman. To reduce pre-sex anxiety, we've put together a list of the top 10 tips for looking better naked. The best part is that all of our tips are focused on the short-term, which means that if you follow them, you'll look better naked by tonight.

No.10 - Don't wear tight clothes the evening you plan to get naked

Your sartorial selections for the night in question have an impact on how you'll look naked. Garments that are fitted a little too closely to your body will create embarrassing marks on your skin; therefore, steer clear of skinny jeans, pants that are snug around your middle, and shirts or jackets that pull. Dress pants or jeans that fit just right and a button-down with some breathing room are superior options to ensure that you will look better naked.

No.9 - Adjust the lighting

It's understandable that in order to enjoy all the sexy visuals your partner's body has to offer, you don't want to do it in the dark. At the same time, no one looks their best, including you, under ultra-bright lighting. So, flip the dimmer or switch to candlelight to create a soft glow that will virtually erase fine lines and even out skin tone. Bonus: You'll set a more mood-enhancing ambience and she'll be wowed by your “romantic” instincts.

No.8 - Don't sit naked

Sure, sitting is a lot more comfortable than standing, but this posture also compresses all the fat from your midsection, particularly if you slouch, creating unsightly belly rolls. In fact, it's probably one of the most unappealing looks you could adopt while naked. For muscles that appear more taut, stand up or lie down. Fortunately, there are enough horizontal and vertical positions to keep both you and her more than satisfied.

No.7 - Smell good

Our next tip for looking better naked involves scent. Females use smell to assist with mate selection, so never underestimate the importance of your scent to the opposite sex. Spritzing on an enticing cologne that complements your natural body odor will encourage her to ask you to spend the night in the first place, and smelling great when you're naked will solidify the impression in her mind that you're an incredibly attractive and amazing lover.

No.6 - Stand up straight

In addition to making you look like a hunchback, slouching gives others the impression you are shorter and fatter than is actually the case. In contrast, standing up straight will flatten out your midsection so that your body will look longer and leaner, your shoulders broader and your chest firmer. Furthermore, an erect posture conveys dominance and body confidence, both of which drive women wild. To stand proud, imagine a rope running through your body and pulling you up from your head.

No.5 - Avoid beer

At 150 calories per bottle, beer is one of the most caloric alcoholic beverages. It's also loaded with carbs, which means that your body will treat it like sugar, an easy source of energy, resulting in a slower metabolism and fat-shedding process. What's more, the carbonation in beer can cause bloating, making your body and face look puffy.

The smart choice when you're on a date is, therefore, to avoid beer altogether, favoring wine or spirits instead. This will go a long way in helping you look better naked. Remember not to overdo it with any alcoholic drinks, though, as excessive consumption increases the chances that while you'll feel more revved up, your driver won't be ready to go when you need him most.

No.4 - Stay hydrated

When you're naked, all you're “wearing” is your skin, so it's important to keep it in top shape. Drinking plenty of fluids will help you reach that goal in two ways. First, staying sufficiently hydrated will plump up your cells, minimizing any wrinkles on your face. Also, a lack of liquids results in dry, scaly skin all over your body, whereas consuming enough liquids will give you softer, smoother skin. But beware of loading up on high-calorie drinks like juice that can pack on pounds. Instead, choose H2O or a no-calorie sports drink -- particularly if you're active or find the taste of regular water a little boring -- to keep your skin nourished and you full of energy.

No.3 - Remove unflattering body hair

While women expect men to have a certain amount of body hair, finding out that her new lover is King Kong can kill her desire. Before the big night, conduct an honest appraisal of your body hair and remove any surplus. All back hair needs to go and if you have an excessive amount of chest hair, consider getting rid of that too -- or at least trimming it. As well, a little manscaping down there never hurt anyone and will make your member appear half an inch larger. Finally, remember that a little hair removal goes a long way, so don't go overboard with shaving and waxing as women are freaked out by men who have less hair than they do.

No.2 - Eat in moderation and avoid white foods

Half the battle of looking good naked is won if you have a varied diet full of lean meat, fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and fiber. In general, you should aim to eliminate sugar, flour and other white-colored, refined foods from your diet as much as possible. When you have a hot date, however, you should take extra care to avoid these foods as they cause water retention, which translates into an unattractive, distended midsection in a matter of hours. Downing supersize portions will have a similar effect, so eat sensibly when dining out. Make healthy choices at the restaurant by swapping the bread basket for a salad, then moving on to a main course based on lean protein and skipping dessert.

No.1 - Do high-intensity interval training before you go out

Fitting in a 20- to 30-minute workout prior to meeting up with your date will really make your muscles “pop” for the next several hours. To achieve the most ripped look possible, even if you haven't got much time, do high-intensity interval training that concentrates on building a powerful core. The endorphin rush you get from exercising will also boost your body confidence, and in turn, her perception of how you look naked.

Source from : By Farah Averill